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We are bearing down on the 148th year anniversary of noted and ruthless Union General William Sherman burning Atlanta to the ground. The team known as the Former Dallas Cowboys limped into Atlanta just trying to create a spark on the deep south Dixie City.

They failed. All they did was add to their bulging portfolio of underachieving and endless supply of blunders. If the Former Cowboys dumb play was sand, it would cover the Sahara. More energetic than wise, this squad is drifting  listlessly through this NFL campaign. They find themselves uncorking a 3-5 record at the halfway pole. The dim lights flickering at Valley Ranch are but a funeral glow on another season that is a blameful conflicting of chaos.

Or is it?

A shrouded malaise lingers on a team that is as dead as Braniff Airlines. But is there a strange and underlying vortex of whirling passions that both delight and bedevil?

What if the Former Dallas Cowboys just aren’t good enough? What if we are missing the cartoon waiting for the featured flick? What if this nucleus of players lack a  championship pedigree? What if Czar Jerry’s plausible pretexts are actually a prevarication of deeply flawed and unconvincing dreams.

Or a horribly misguided, out-of-control backwater despot. The Czar is morphing into the messiah of measured metaphors and misled expectations.

What was unshielded optimism just a few short months ago bleed into stark reality. What if the Czar and all his ‘yes men’ are swimming in a river of insanity and hearing those melancholy echoes of the past? What if they are standing watch as the football word demythologizes America’s so-called team?

I think I know the problem.

This team just sucks.

Taking on the unbeaten Falcons proved another juxtaposition of jarring news. Two field goals and a touchdown= 13 points. Not a good recipe for victory in the NFL. The possible reason for such an output? How about some of the most unimaginitive play calling that is vastly becoming the norm. The laundry list is full. Let’s take roll:


-mistakes in fourth quarter….check!

-dropped passes….check!

-chaos both on field and sideline….check!

-grotesque running game….check!

-bad tackling….check!

-confusing and misuse of the clock and timeouts….check!

I could go on but why? The mental discipline that this team lacks is pegging the red line. They’re just a middle of pack/bottom feeder bunch of studied indifference. They remain unmoored in their thoughts resembling a rotten lobotomy gone terribly wrong. They seem satisfied to gobble dinner and look forward to midnight rations. Lack of urgency and an endless cycle of retreat. And the sad section, this team is contractually tied up. Long term deals are secured for the foreseeable future. Orlando Scandrick had three killer mistakes in the fourth quarter. His contract runs five more years. The two worst starting offensive lineman (Livings and Bernadeau) in team history are glued to this team for five more years. Miles is here another four years. And those anchor-heavy deals will soon be joined by the likes of Dez(Do Expect Zilch). No doubt Czar Jerry will sign him to a brain dead deal. Anthony Spencer will cash in. Ex Roothog Felix ‘failed conditioning test’ Jones will no doubt be back. Then there’s the signal caller. Tony Romo is on the cusp of a mega Quarterback contract. It’ll be around six or seven years at an average of $18-$20 million. So much for sacred salary cap space.

You just think that the good days are ahead. This team is on course to drop to late 80’s aweful and appalling. And Czar Jerry will once again hold on to the warped grandeur of Super Bowl pasts. A Napoleon complex of Norman Rockwell dreams, but situated with a dose of Norman Bates reality.

The psychodrama will play out. Notching a 99-101 record this century, the Former Dallas Cowboys are  mired in a hardscrabble muck of defiance and mediocrity. Gone are thoughts of a sixth Lombardi. Present is doomed destiny and disaster. Brought to you by an ad hoc of rank duplicity.

Czar Jerry reminds me of a Mort Sahl observation: “Washington couldn’t tell a lie. Nixon couldn’t tell the truth. Reagan couldn’t tell the difference”.

And Czar Jerry remains a murder scene of the mind.

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