DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – During his weekly radio show with Elf & Slater on 105.3 The Fan, Cowboys VP Stephen Jones cleared the air with several issues surrounding the Cowboys following their 19-13 loss to the Falcons.

With the rumor of the Cowboys entertaining the idea of talking to suspended New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton about a future head coaching position, Jones said “he’s head coach of the New Orleans Saints, albeit he is suspended. And that has nothing to do with us.”

But what happened with Jerry getting ‘locked-out’ of the Cowboys locker room after the game? “What they do is they hold the door because there is media, there’s different people coming in and out. He hit the door and said ‘it’s Jerry’ and they didn’t realize it was him – and they let him in.” said Stephen.

PLAY: Cowboys VP Stephen Jones on 105.3 The Fan

“At first they were holding the door because outside that dressing room there is a lot of people trying to come in and obviously they didn’t know it was him, but once they figured out it was him they let him right in.”

“It was nothing contentious or anything like that, it was just not knowing that he was the one trying to get in the door.”

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