Planning For Black Friday And All Your Holiday Season Shopping Trips

By Ysolt Usigan
black friday friends Planning For Black Friday And All Your Holiday Season Shopping Trips

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Shop Alone

“I know this might kill you, but you will get twice as much done if you go alone,” says Felton. Shopping solo means you will be more decisive, more focused and less likely to make impulse purchases. You’ll also be on your own schedule, so no waiting on anyone else. Just go, go, go!

Fun Up the Experience

“Remember that shopping is fun,” Kim points out. “Make a shopping soundtrack!” If you’re not particularly fond of big crowds and anxious about the shopping frenzy, listen to your iPod. The music will de-stress you as you go from aisle to aisle and store to store. Just remember to stay alert.

Stay Focused

All the crazy shoppers crowding and pushing can get a little distracting. But Woroch says to stand strong. “Stick to your intended gift list otherwise, you could end up with a cart full of unnecessary purchases that will quickly add up.”

black friday online Planning For Black Friday And All Your Holiday Season Shopping Trips

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When All Else Fails, Shop Online

Don’t worry if you come home empty-handed. There are other opportunities to get in on the discount action. “With the rise of online and mobile shopping, retailers target e-shoppers with Black Friday deals on the Web these days. You can shop from the convenience of home, avoid rowdy crowds and spend more time with your loved ones while scoring some of the best deals of the season online,” reminds Woroch. “What’s more, since brick-and-mortars have limited inventory, you’ll have to wait in line as early as 2 a.m. to be one of the first to get to the goods. Online stores, on the other hand, offer a larger inventory where you are more likely to score the deal.”

Ysolt Usigan is a lifestyle editor and shopping guru. She has made it her mission to bring readers fabulous finds and practical advice to make their lives easier.


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