PARKER COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – A woman in Parker County is brutally murdered, now a lawsuit has been filed against the parents of the man accused of killing her.

Linda Preston’s throat had been slashed when her husband Patrick found her body last month. Now Preston is suing the parents of suspect Hector Trejo, who were the landlords of house that he, his wife and children lived in.

The lawsuit claims that landlords Juan and Anita Trejo sent their son to do work at the Preston home despite his violent background.

“They knew the long and sorted history of their son, which includes an aggravated robbery, two assaults with bodily injury on family members, [and] multiple drug offenses,” said Attorney Paul Previte, the lawyer representing the Preston family.

Landlords Juan and Anita Trejo apparently had their son doing home repair and contracting work for them, and for several days had him working in the Preston house building a set of stairs.

Hector Trejo is charged with Capital Murder, but Previte says his parents are also liable for not accepting their burden of responsibility. “They didn’t warn her,” he said. “They didn’t do any kind of… they didn’t take any steps to protect her, knowing what he [Hector Trejo] was capable of.”

The 28-year-old accused murderer has a long and violent criminal record. Previte said he can’t fathom how the man’s parents disregarded the safety of so many. “If he’s a vicious dog you certainly wouldn’t take it to a playground and let it lose, and there’s a reason for that.”

While Hector Trejo was at the rental property he allegedly got into an argument with Linda Preston, 47, because she refused to let him use her car.

Hector Trejo is being held without bond in the Parker County Jail.