By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry


Most areas will see a freeze tonight.  There is a freeze warning out for the counties shaded in blue.  The reason areas to the N & W of DFW are not in the Freeze Warning is because those areas have already seen a freeze.  The coldest part of the night will be from 3am to 9am.

ktvt standard2 Freeze Warning for North Texas, How cold where you live!


Here are a look at the morning lows for tonight.

ntx overnight lows day 2 manual Freeze Warning for North Texas, How cold where you live!

metro overnight lows1 Freeze Warning for North Texas, How cold where you live!


It is imprtant to note that DFW may stay a degree above freezing at 33 degrees.  This is important when looking at the historical record of freezes.
The average first freeze at DFW is Nov. 22.  The earliest freeze on record at the official reporting site for North Texas was on Oct. 22, 1898.  That is when readings were taken in downtown Fort Worth.  The latest freeze on record for a season was on Jan.4, 1972.  Then records were kept at the Greater Southwest International Airport.  Not far from the current DFW recording site.

Here are the official reporting sites since data has been collected.

  1. 1898-1940:  Downtown Fort Worth
  2. 1940-1953:  Fort Worth Meacham Field
  3. 1953-1974:  Greater Southwest International Airport
  4. 1974-present:  Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

TONIGHT:  Freeze Warning.  Clear and cold.  Lows between 25-33 degrees.  Light winds

TOMORROW:  Mostly sunny and cold.  High of 59.  E/SE 5-10 mph

TOMORROW NIGHT:  Mostly clear and cold again.  Low of 35.  SE 5-10 mph

WEDNESDAY:  Sunny and cool.  High of 64.  SE 5-10 mph

THURSDAY:  Sunny and cool.  Morning low of 38.  High of 64.  SE 5-10 mph

FRIDAY:  Partly sunny, still cool.  Morning low of 40.  High of 66.  E 5-10 mph

SATURDAY:  Partly cloudy.  Morning low of 42.  High of 68.  SE 5-10 mph

SUNDAY:  Mostly cloudy, cool.  Morning low of 46.  High of 67.  SE 5-10 mph