DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas police are warning women to stay alert on the Katy Trail, after a woman was attacked while running over the weekend.

Anna Chrysikopoulous, 22, was running near marker 125, where the trail runs into airline road. She believes her attacker tried to kidnap her.

“I was very scared. I knew something was wrong,” she says.

Anna says she’d been on the trail for more than an hour, when someone grabbed her from behind on Sunday morning.

“He tried to grab my waist,” she recalls. “It seemed like he was trying to tackle me and pull me down. I screamed and kept going forward.”

Anna says she did not get a good look at her attacker’s face.

“He was trying to tackle me and pull me down. I screamed.”

She says her screams sent the man running.

This is the only attack to be reported on the Katy trail in the last three months.

Dallas police assign officers to the trail routinely, and officers were on the trail riding when this assault happened.

Dallas police offer these tips for anyone who exercises along the Katy Trail or anywhere outside where a criminal could strike:

*Be aware of what is around you. Listening to your iPod is great, but it will limit your ability to hear what or who is around you.

*Always take a phone with you in case you need to make an emergency call. If something happens and you need to dial 911, you will want to have a cell so you can call immediately.

*If you are going to an area where you may be alone, especially after dark, you may want to take a personal alarm (like a whistle) to notify others that you are in danger.

*Walk or jog in a familiar area. Avoid secluded areas where there are places to hide.

*Wear bright colored clothing so that you can easily be seen.

*Let someone know when you begin your walk or jog. Tell them the route you will take and when you plan to return. Inform them when you return.

*Try to exercise with a partner.

*Be aware of mile markers or intersections for reference points.

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