WASHINGTON D.C. (CBSDFW.COM) – The U.S. Public Interest Research Group released their 27th annual Trouble in Toyland report identifying a number of dangerous or toxic toys that can still be found in America’s stores.

The report reveals the results of laboratory testing on a number of criteria, including testing toys for lead, cadmium and phthalates, all of which have been shown to adversely impact the development of young children.

Testing was also conducted to identify toys that pose a choking hazard, extremely loud toys that threaten children’s hearing, and toy magnets that can cause serious injury.

“We should be able to trust that the toys we buy are safe,” said Nasima Hossain, Public Health Advocate for U.S. PIRG, in a press release. “However, until that’s the case, parents need to watch out for common hazards when shopping for toys.”

The study found that, despite having regulations and bans on toy safety, toys are still available that exceed toxicity limits and pose significant choking hazards.

Among the toys singled out was a “Dora the Explorer” plastic backpack, which contains a high but legal level of phthalates.

A large number of the identified products, including a miniature bowling game and a dragster car set, contain small parts that pose choking hazards to children. Even if the product is labeled as posing such a hazard, the labeling must legible and obvious to the consumer.

Some toys, like the FunKeys Car Keys, test at 80+ dB, which can harm small children’s hearing with prolonged exposure.

“Although parents can shop and children can play with confidence this holiday season, we still need to continue to work together with consumers and industry to promote product safety,” said Robert Adler, the Commissioner of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

For a full list of highlighted toys and to download the full report, visit USPIRG.org.

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