By Ken Foote, CBSDFW.COM

kf5 The Foote Files: What I Am Thankful For

I thought this week I would depart from the normal “eyewitness to history” theme that this blog is about and speak to you from the heart about what Thanksgiving means to me.

Growing up in Dallas, we had Thanksgiving in one of two places: either at home or in Pinehill TX, a town of about 100 people 13 miles southeast of Henderson. That’s where my mother grew up and where we spent a lot time as kids. I remember those road trips driving on US 80 to Texas 64 into Henderson. The Interstate system was being built back then so to travel 160 miles took over 3 hours. We gave thanks with all of our family there and no one ever went hungry. After our meal, my uncle, Reagan Taylor, made sure we were watching sports that afternoon! He was a cattle rancher by profession and even on holidays he had to take care of the cows and horses! After our dinner there, we sometimes would drive into Nacogdoches and see my dad’s family, although I lost my grandmother on that side of the family in 1963 and my grandfather in 1968, so after that we didn’t go quite as much. As teenagers, we ended celebrating more at home and my late dad loved to make Milk Punch: milk, Jack Daniels, nutmeg, and ice, made in a blender. We also spent many Thanksgivings either at the Cotton Bowl or Texas Stadium to see the Dallas Cowboys play.

As my brother and I got older and were married, we would split Thanksgiving between our family and our respective in-laws. I married into an Italian family so holidays and sitting at the dinner table for hours were quite important to my mother in law. She made the best Savoy cabbage dressing that I have ever had. She also baked up to 30 different types of cookies, something my wife does today. And being Italian, she made sure no one went home hungry! My father in law was German and he too loved to eat!

As parents grew older, it was harder to have Thanksgiving dinner at home so we ate out a lot! Good thing was that there were no dishes to wash. Bad thing was that there were no leftovers! My sister in law, Sila Grogan, and I always fought over the cornbread dressing!

I am so thankful for the life and the things the good Lord has given me, my family, my friends, good health, the profession I chose, and my colleagues at CBS11 and TXA21. In just a few months from now, I will be starting my 10th year at CBS. To have the honor and privilege to be with CBS is a life long dream for me for which I am truly thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving! See you next time.

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