NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW) – Your Thanksgiving meal generates a lot of grease and food waste. And what you do with leftovers and grease could lead to a big repair bill.

You may think a little hot water and dish soap will keep grease and oil from clogging up your pipes. But eventually the grease congeals.

And any grease, cooking oil or food put in a garbage disposal also all end up in your pipes. Even if it doesn’t cause problems at your house, it can down the line with the sewer system.

What you can do in Dallas County:

Experts say even though it can be a bit disgusting, the best option is to pour the grease into a jar or other sealed container and put it in the trash. Or you can check to see if your municipality has a recycling program.

You could also use the food scraps to start a compost or toss it in the trash. A little vinegar will help contain the smell.