By Jeff Cavanaugh, 105.3 The Fan

I’m not above playing the blame game, I’m a pretty simple guy.  So here’s the plan:  We’re loading up the Cowboys Machine Gun of Blame, have no fear it doesn’t do any physical damage, it only hits people with chunks of blame and hostility.

Before the assault, let me make one thing clear:  The Cowboys have injuries, lots of them.  Don’t care, the Redskins have just as many, including about a third of their starters being on injured reserve.

Target 1:  Head Coach man Jason Garrett.  The Boys fall behind big in every game before they make a late charge to make games interesting.  3 things I can think of that go into falling behind early.  Not prepared, not motivated, and not executing.  Two of those are directly tied to the head man.

The most frustrating part is that it takes halftime for Red to get it together and adjust his game plan to try and make the game interesting.  We’ve talked about this before in the G-Bag Nation, Garrett is a VERY smart guy, if you give him time to see how things are going, and what he needs to do to adjust, he’s capable of that.  But in the moment, from play to play, he seems frozen and over-analyzing and can’t just make the snap decisions from moment to moment to win a football game.  It took Rob Ryan demanding him to throw the challenge flag to get the Boys the ball back on one drive, that’s your leader by led by someone theoretically below him on the totem pole.

His process is based on discipline and making good decisions, but this team is constantly marred by penalties and stupid decisions.  Show me the evidence of what he’s doing great.  Anyone.  Please.  He needs to either be head coach or offensive coordinator, but certainly not both.

Target 2:  Brandon Carr.  My initial reaction was that the Boys defensive game plan must have been awful because of the way RG III torched them in the first half, but talking to Bryan Broaddus of has convinced me the plan was actually pretty solid, what was called and supposed to happen was a good idea to stop the Skins, the players just dropped the ball.  How does Aldrick Robinson beat you by more than five yards on a bomb?  Too much money committed to this guy to spit the bit that badly in such a huge game.

Target 3:  RG III.  Because he’s awesome.  Gavin’s going to try and maintain that he’s overrated and somehow what he’s doing is easy for some reason or another, but the truth is that dude’s real good at football.  Accuracy, poise, charisma, talent, athleticism.  Unreal.  Bob’s gonna be a problem for a LONG time.  Oh, and his coaches set him up for success and he has a reasonable line, something the Boys don’t.

There are plenty of other targets we’ll get to over the course of the broadcast, but Red and Carr are the one’s jumping off the page at me, you can let me know who is your target on Twitter @JC1053.  Also, let me know what you bought on Black Friday, because that’s one thing I just don’t get.  First of all, waking up early makes you mad and sad for the whole day, and second of all that’s too many people in one place, and people make me nervous.

RIP Dallas Cowboys 2012 Playoff Chances, it was fun while it lasted.

Oh, and it’s Snooki’s birthday!  What a great couple of days!  You got Thanksgiving, you got Black Friday, and you got Snooki’s birthday all in a 48 hour period!

End Glorious Tidbit 11.23.12

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