By J.D. Miles

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Shannan Clewis says she was in the right place at the right time, when she helped save a man from a pack of pit bulls.

As Clewis and Tevin Roberson visited a new church last Sunday, they noticed a man on the ground in the open lot across the street.

“He was covered, like the dogs had him practically covered, and I was looking I was thinking that’s a human,” recalls Clewis.

The 37-year-old medical assistant grabbed a tree limb and ran to aid Louis Hart, as five dogs mauled him.

“He couldn’t scream. It was like he had already given up.”

And it didn’t take long for the dogs to turn their attention towards the couple.

“The dogs were very vicious,” said Roberson. “They started attacking trying to attack us.”

The dogs almost destroyed 63-year-old Hart’s hands and feet before they ran off. They were eventually seized by authorities.

“If that lady hadn’t come up on the church parking lot, I don’t think I’d be here,” said Hart from his hospital bed.

Clewis met him once again in his hospital room on Monday, where he thanked her for having the courage to risk her life to save his.

“I’m not a hero,” said Clewis. “I’m just doing what I hope anybody else would do.”

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