metro low temps today auto plot1 North Texas Morning Chilly & Foggy

Another morning with much of North Texas dipping below the freezing mark, but officially DFW not seeing its first freeze of the season.  The coldest so far at DFW is 35 degrees on the 13th of the month.  The temperatures above are the low temperatures automatically plotted from the hourly surface observations.  This means some areas may have been officially colder.


No clouds overhead this morning, but enough surface moisture created fog in many low lying areas around the Metroplex and especially across Hood, Somervell, Johnson, Ellis and Navarro Counties.  Below is the observation plot from 8:00 AM.  The visibility reported in Granbury was less than a quarter mile!  Thankfully, the fog was not as pervasive in the Metroplex for the vast majority of North Texans.

4co visibility plot North Texas Morning Chilly & Foggy


With the cold morning now in our rear view mirror, we look forward to a warming trend this week.  Temperatures will top out above the average high of 62 degrees this afternoon under nothing but sunny skies and south breezes.  A chamber of commerce afternoon and perfect for getting the car washed or getting those Christmas lights up.

ntx garry today forecast2 North Texas Morning Chilly & Foggy


The current weather pattern has kept energy spinning in the Gulf of Alaska.  If you look at the satellite image below, you can identify three distinct low pressures swirls in the Pacific Ocean all association with a long wave trough.  The trough has been responsible for keeping cold Canadian air from intruding into the lower 48 and holding North Texas on the mild side.  The pattern finally breaks down going into the weekend and sends that Pacific energy into the Great Basin with ultimately a cold front crossing North Texas Monday night and Tuesday.  Because there is Pacific air behind the front, no big cool down is forecast.

tx satrad master North Texas Morning Chilly & Foggy


Right now, it’s looking like small rain chances mainly Tuesday.  But, the rain window may shift to Monday and Monday night.  However, our more significant weather story is the big warm up in response to the Pacific energy approaching North Texas.  The winds will pick up warmer, moist air going into the weekend sending temperatures near record levels.  Saturday’s high will run about 5 degrees shy of the record and Sunday’s high will only be about 2 degrees shy.  Winds will likely gust to 25-30 mph at times this weekend.

ktvt 7day master am7 North Texas Morning Chilly & Foggy