FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM)- The family of Kasandra Perkins is heart broken over her murder and the subsequent attention given to the man who killed her before taking his own life; 25-year-old Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jevon Belcher.

The couple had a three-month-old baby girl named Zoey.

Perkins’ immediate family members have asked for privacy. Aunts, uncles and cousins of Perkins have also declined in camera interviews but say Perkins story deserves to be told, describing Perkins as an “angel” with a “radiant smile and precious laugh.”

In an emailed statement to CBS 11 News, Perkin’s maternal aunt, Sandi Jones who lives in North Texas said, “I am sure Heaven has a new angel, and Kasi is making it a more beautiful place with her beautiful smile and loving heart. Our loss is heavens gain. She was a blessing to all that knew her.”

Jones said her family hopes to have a candlelight vigil for Kasi soon, but gave no details.

Meanwhile, in Kansas City, there was a moment of silence dedicated to all victims of domestic violence before the start of the game at Arrowhead Stadium. After the Chiefs’ victory, head coach Romeo Crannel spoke to reporters.

“Our prayers go out to the family of Kasandra Perkins. They are grieving and we send our condolences to that family.  Our prayers and condolences go to to the family of Jevon Belcher. They are also grieving,” he said. “Our prayers and hopes go out to three-month-old Zoey. A little girl who will never get to know her mother and father.”

Quarterback Brady Quinn said he hoped something good could come from this tragedy.

“I hope people can learn from and try to figure out if someone’s battling something, you know, deeper on the inside,” he said.

He also announced plans to start a fund for three-month-old Zoey.

“I mean, obviously, without having either parent in her life I think it’s important that she understands the type of love that she should you know get from a family,” Quinn said.

Kansas City police have still not released a motive for the shooting.