Credit: KTVT

Credit: KTVT

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Organizers of the upcoming Metro PCS Dallas Marathon say, no, they have not put White Rock back into the title.

Marathon Executive Director Marcus Grunewald says while there are some signs in areas like the Swiss Avenue Historic District that mark the route for the “White Rock Marathon,” that is not what Sunday’s race is called.

“The change this year from Dallas White Rock Marathon to Dallas Marathon wasn’t something that we’d been anticipating years in advance,” Grunewald said, adding, “A lot of the change came about pretty quickly mainly because the city of Dallas was receptive to some of the changes that we proposed and we thought it was maybe two years down the road.”

Grunewald says the speed of the route and name change is the reason some of the signs haven’t been updated. He says they had to prioritize which signs would be changed and Grunewald says by next year, all signs will read, “Dallas Marathon”.

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