NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Dallas Cowboys player driving the vehicle involved in the Irving crash that killed team practice squad member Jerry Brown will now have to follow a new set of state rules.

According to the Irving police, Josh Brent has been ordered to get a Breathalyzer device put on his car. The 24-year-old has already apparently been issued a temporary drivers license.

Brent has been charged with Intoxication Manslaughter, a crime punishable with a prison sentence between two and 20 years and a fine of up to $10,000.

Brent and Brown were roommates, Brent a defensive lineman and Brown a linebacker on the practice squad. The two were reportedly out enjoying the weekend on Friday evening and had spent part of the night at a Dallas nightclub along with 10 other Cowboys players.

Police say around 2:21 Saturday morning, Brent was driving a 2007 Mercedes westbound in the 1400 block of the State Highway 114 service road when his vehicle hit a curb and flipped at least one time.

Police later said when officers arrived on the scene Brent was seen dragging Brown from the vehicle.  Police say they will not release 911 calls or dashcam video regarding the crash until the district attorney has a chance to review them.  There is also no plan to conduct a re-enactment of the crash scene, according to police.

The day after the incident a woman named Stacee McWilliams came forward, telling a North Texas newspaper that she was at the scene moments after the crash said that Brent hadn’t done anything to try and save his friend until she pleaded with him to do so.

McWilliams claims she was on her way home when she spotted the crash.

On Tuesday Brent’s attorney, George Milner, said the woman’s statements to reporters were inconsistent with the facts uncovered by the investigation thus far.  He says the woman admits to drinking on the night of the crash and could not have seen the things she claims to have witnessed.

Milner’s entire statement is below:

“While I recognize the media interest in this case and respect the public’s right to know, I am disappointed that some within the media would publicize defamatory statements without carefully investigating the accuracy of them. Investigative journalism means just that, investigating. I believe the majority within the media have been very cautious in reporting statements made by witness Stacee McWilliams. However, a few have not. One television station reported on the evening news that the witness who said, “She saw a different Josh than the one we’ve reported.” They then allowed the witness to tarnish the reputation of Josh Brent with statements, which were not true. To add insult, this witness was allowed, in a front-page story, to continue to repeat lies about Josh. This woman, while present in the area of the accident could not have seen nor heard any of the things she has said about Josh. It took me two phone calls to Irving Police Department to determine half a dozen facts within her reported story were incorrect, and I’m not a reporter.

The Brown family has lost a loved one. The Cowboys have lost a teammate. Josh lost his best friend. Josh has irreversibly altered the course of his life. And, as I said on Sunday, regardless of the verdict down the road, there will be no winners! Everybody loses.

I was asked in an interview earlier today by the Associated Press, whether Ms. McWilliams statements will affect Josh’s defense. I replied, “Not at all. It just means the Irving Police Officers will be wasting a lot of valuable time and resources chasing rabbit trails leading nowhere. And, at taxpayer expense.” I personally know every police officer working on this case. I’ve known each of them for years. They are well-trained, experienced professionals who are quite capable of investigating this case. On behalf of Josh, we want the case properly investigated, as it will have a significant impact on Josh’s life. More importantly, however, I am confident the Brown family wants the matter handled properly. I believe the Brown family is owed that. And, despite the accident and loss of their son, they still love Josh.I have been in contact with investigators who can now confirm there are inconsistencies in her statement. She was interviewed by the police today. She has now admitted she was not that close to the actual scene. She admitted she had been drinking that evening. Her statement regarding the placement of Mr. Brown’s body is inconsistent with a dash cam video. She stated Officer Palms rendered medical assistance with some device that people do not even have in their squad cars. This also would have been against Irving Police policy. It is believed Mr. Brown was already deceased and could not possibly have uttered the calls for help claimed by Ms. McWilliams. It has not been verified but it appears she called the media before calling the police despite the best efforts of the Irving Police to reach out to any possible witnesses to the accident. Even as of today, having been interviewed by a detective, she has not signed a statement for the police.

So in response to the suggestion that the media initially reported the wrong Josh, I can with absolute confidence the media got it right the first time. The Josh Brent you originally reported is exactly who Josh is. I would liken him to the football player Michael Orr who was the subject of the movie, The Blind Side. He’s a giant, kind-hearted teddy bear with a heart as big as his body.”

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