By Steve Pickett

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Schools Superintendent Mike Miles broke rules and violated policy, according to a district-generated audit.

Miles said to his knowledge, no laws or district policies were broken, but possible mistakes should lie at his feet.

“If any mistakes (were) made, its because we were trying to get the work done.”

The on-going internal audit, detailed hiring, salary, and consultant fee payments that broke district rules.

The internal auditor said the review determined Miles and his senior management team used “undue influence” to bring new staff on board.

For example, the audit uncovered two top administrators were offered a combined 50 thousand dollars in consultant contracts before they were hired.

School Board Trustee Carla Ranger wrote today, the board should meet and determine if Miles should remain in his job.

Miles said he never stepped over ethical or legal lines in his aggressive effort to hire his team for DISD.

“While it’s not illegal, some may think its untoward process, and I admit that was my doing.”

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