By Jeff Ray

Friday the first rain for the month came through north Texas in two rounds. Most of it fell during the late evening hours when a cold front pushed a line of storms through. The majority of the rain reports came in of amounts from .25″-.50″, rather meager when considering the extreme and severe drought that covers almost all of Texas. Here are some of the rainfall totals:

Skytracker RainfallSkytracker Rainfall2

The cold front was hardly that; lows Saturday started in the low 50’s and highs reached into the mid-70’s, almost 20 degrees warmer than normal.

Today we are going to enjoy yet another day of very warm weather:

NTX Tomorrows Highs2 Manual

We’ll have some clouds, especially in our southeast corner where there’s even a little bit of a rain chance early in the day.

The next cold front comes in late Wednesday. During the day we are going to have extremely strong winds from the southwest gusting near 40mph. By late afternoon or evening we’ll start seeing some thunderstorms, right now most of the activity looks to be the east of the metro area.

By Thursday highs will get down to the low 50’s. We’ll be right back to above normal temperatures however by the weekend.


As we get closer to Christmas we keep an eye to the parade of storms coming in from the Pacific. There’s a big one sitting out off the Vancouver coast by the end of the week. This COULD bring us some weather just before Christmas Day. We’ll see, its a long way off still.

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