DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – An Arkansas family learned how generous North Texans can be while visiting for their daughter’s surgery.

Six weeks ago, Christina Andrews was in Dallas for a second operation to expand her skull.

“She has what’s called bicraniosynostosis, where these two suchers here closed way to early,” explains her mother Carol Andrews. “When that happens there’s just not adequate room for the brain to grow.”

During their stay, they visited the Build A Bear store at NorthPark Center where they met the store manager Lou Parrales.

“They came in a couple days after the surgery,” remembers Parrales. “Clearly you could see she just had surgery, her eyes were swollen, you couldn’t even see her eyes.”

Lou says after talking with the family, he could sense they could not afford to buy a bear at that time. He said it inspired him to do more.

“Our job is to put a smile on everybody’s face and that day, I wanted to do that. I wanted to put a smile on her face, and I just felt I had to give her that bear that day.”

So, Parrales and Ray, another store employee Ray, bought a bear for Christina.

Her mother was could not believe it.

“I was just shocked, but I was filled with gratitude,” says Carol. “It’s been so hard the last five years and yet to know that there are people out there that care about your child and not what they have or what they look like that’s just overwhelming.”

Last week, the Andrews came back to Dallas. Christina made another special bear and named him Lou.

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