By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry

The cold temperatures will continue for the next several days.  There are some winter precipitation chances for some parts of North Texas.  Friday morning is the timeframe to watch for the potential for light precip.  This will be very light snow, sleet and light rain mix.  The favored area to see this will be areas south of I-20.  Here is a look at the precip chances early Friday morning.  There might be very light accumulation on grassy areas for those areas well SW of DFW.  I’m thinking those areas near Stephenville, Meridian, Hamilton, Comanche might see a light dusting on grassy areas Friday morning.  Overall, this should not pose any travel problems.

NTX Rain Chances


Better rain chances will be around for us Saturday morning into the early afternoon.  This will be light rain and drizzle.

NTX Rain Chances1

NTX Rain Chances11

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