DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A homeless man was apparently methodically tracked and shot down on the doorstep of a city of Dallas homeless center Sunday night.

The shooting occurred in front of dozens of people and some surveillance cameras at The Bridge homeless shelter, just blocks from Dallas City Hall.

Calvin Holiday was standing just a few feet away from a security check point at the guest entrance when a man circled the location in a van, parked it, and methodically walked up and shot Holiday.

“It’s right out my back door,” said Jim Ingendorf, whose security cameras at his Farmers Market business caught the shooting as it went down just after 6pm Sunday. Pointing at the video on his computer screen, he said “You see the gentleman that does the shooting walking here; and now he’s shot the gentleman the victim has fallen to the ground and is trying to get up and evidently can’t.”

Calvin Holiday was shot twice; Ingendorf believes the gun must have jammed, so the shooter left, occasionally appearing to yell something over his shoulder, “And then walked back north to his automobile, calmly got in…calmly left.”

Ingendorf is certain the men knew each other. “The shooter definitely sought out the victim that shot him.” Ingnedorf is surprised onlookers didn’t help but apparently ran across the street. Staff from The Bridge wound up coming to Holiday’s aid.

Dallas Police arrived within two minutes and got him to a hospital. The gunman had apparently circled The Bridge before deciding where to park. He reportedly drove a two-toned van police have tentatively identified as a Ford Windstar.

Jay Dunn, the President and CEO of The Bridge, says violence among the homeless is an unfortunate fact of their lives. “It seems as if this was between those individuals. It wasn’t a hate crime against homeless people, it wasn’t a random act of violence.”

Dunn says his agency had worked with Holiday only a few times this winter. “He was pretty much coming in in inclement weather as best I can tell,” and adds, “he wasn’t scheduled to be here Sunday night.”

Dunn says Bridge patrons are urged to come inside and not be on the street. People are searched for weapons before they can enter. Police won’t speculate on a motive for the shooting and says the suspect is not known. They have made no arrests.

Calvin Holiday is reportedly well enough to talk to police; but detectives say if he knows who shot him, he’s not telling them.

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