DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Relatives of a Dallas woman murdered in her apartment have filed a lawsuit against the Quail Hollow Apartments.

They’re seeking $3.5 million in damages claiming wrongful death and negligence.

Three weeks ago, someone murdered Trent McCray’s mother, Roberta Moore in her Pleasant Grove apartment.

McCray says, “I just miss her. I miss her calling me. I miss seeing me. I miss everything.”

He and Moore’s sister, Thelma Sloan says she was strangled with shoe laces. “The void is just unbelievable”, Sloan says. “She loved God. She gave until it hurt. I’ll miss just knowing how much she cared about humanity.”

Roberta Moore (credit: CBS 11 News)

Roberta Moore (credit: CBS 11 News)

Moore’s son and daughter have now filed a lawsuit against the Quail Hollow apartment complex, claiming their mother’s death could have been prevented.

McCray says, “There wasn’t any security at all. Everytime I went out there, I never saw security. No one who had anything to do with security. The gates were never locked, always guys hanging around selling drugs.”

Sloan says, “She was truly afraid of these guys.”

A manager with Tex-La property management declined comment on the lawsuit, but told me they have security guards who patrol 70 hours a week, often by blending in. The manager says they’re vigilant, and take part in crime-watch. But relatives say Moore’s frequent complaints about the lack of security went unanswered.”

McCray and his sister have hired attorney Stephen Goetzmann of Dallas who says, “You’ve got to take care of the people, and it’s a serious responsibility.”

McCray says his mother had to sign a release acknowledging the complex’s zero tolerance policy towards crime.

They believe if the policy was truly followed, Roberta Moore would still be alive today.

McCray says, “I am angry, but I’m trying to keep my composure because I want to make sure justice is done for her.”

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