FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – In recent years, MedStar has had visitors from all over the world come to see its efficient dispatch center.  But, the high-tech system is housed in a building with a lot of low tech problems.

MedStar moved into its current building on East Berry in 1986. They answered 41,000 calls the first year. Last year, they answered 112,000. MedStar has simply outgrown its headquarters.

“Yeah, we’re very cramped,” said Douglas Hooten, MedStar’s Executive Director. “We’ve reached that point of saturation here. Just on a shift change.  You have a lot of people coming in, and you have a small window every day and it’s backed up, which causes them to get out late onto the street.”

Now, MedStar is moving its headquarters to the former Nissan dealership on Alta Mere in west Fort Worth. It will double their space.

Right now, offices are cramped – two people often share the same desk. There will soon be plenty of offices.

In their current headquarters, medical equipment is piled to the ceiling.  There isn’t enough garage space, so ambulances are parked outside.  Often engines are left running to keep the medicine inside at the proper temperature.

In the new building, the garage alone is the same size as their old headquarters. There’s room to keep the ambulances indoors with climate control for the medications.

And that high-tech room where the emergency calls are received today? They’re elbow to elbow. The new call center will be four times larger.  MedStar is not using any taxpayer money for the $11 million move.

Renovations are under way. And MedStar hopes it will have a high-tech home for its operations by the end of the year.

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