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I really should be out and about trying to get the title of my car transferred, but I’m seeing Jon Daniels quotes all over the Twitter world, the pepperoni pizza is tasting delicious and my A.D.D. is kicking in.  Let’s randomly sports muse about the DFW why don’t we?

Rangers – I’m seeing a variety of quotes today from JD about the RF position.  As most of us know, Nelson Cruz might be in a lil’ bit of a situation here if an MLB investigation decides he was purchasing/using PED’s.  If he was there’s a possibility of a 50 game suspension.  Obviously I don’t have more information than the MLB, but my hunch is that the Rangers might want to go ahead and prepare for someone else to start the season in right field.  So who?  JD talked about it some, I’ll help him figure it out.

Word is that Mike Olt and Jurickson Profar will both work in the outfield and have a chance to earn that job if Nelly does indeed miss time.  I like one of those options, I don’t like the other.

Olt – Yes please.  He’s got a lot of pop in his bat, and the one big thing the Rangers are missing compared to last years lineup is power.  Olt will have his fair share of strikeouts, but he’ll send the ball out of the yard as well.  28 homers in 354 at bats in Frisco last year tells you plenty.

Profar – No thanks.  Here’s my thinking on this one.  I want to see Jurickson Profar in the big leagues, I want the best prospect in baseball playing in Arlington, but if it’s going to be in right field, that means Profar is in right, and Kinsler is at second base.  How does that make sense?  If you have a great middle infield glove with great range and a great arm in the outfield, and a bad fielding second baseman playing second base, why wouldn’t you flip it?  I understand that Ian Kinsler isn’t happy that he feels like he’s being Michael Young’d, but if Profar and Kins are going to both be in the every day lineup, doesn’t it make more sense that Profar would be the infielder?  It does to me.

While we’re talking about what I want, here’s my perfect world for the Rangers.  Trade Ian Kinsler for anything you can get.  I prefer Elvis Andrus as my leadoff hitter, I prefer Jurickson Profar as my 2nd baseman, and truth be told I prefer Mike Olt/Nelson Cruz as my right fielder.  If the Rangers want to go young, embrace it all the way.  Let us have Profar and Olt out there every day, see if you can turn Ian into a 5th starter or a quality reliever with a trade.  If that can’t happen, move him to first base and may the best man win between he and Moreland.

Quick Mavericks update for you:  Very happy with the Mavs being blown out by OKC, looking forward to the challenge of trying to lose to Portland on Wednesday.  Minor ailments can be a huge help to the #TeamTank effort.  For those uninitiated, TeamTank is the cheering for losing movement to get the Mavs the best draft pick possible.  This isn’t a playoff team, so cheering for winning doesn’t help in the long run.  Let’s show some passion at the AAC, but let’s show it for whoever is playing against the Mavs.  Got it?  Great.

Information from @aandro and @evan_p_grant Twitter Tweeter accounts were used for the JD info, and if you aren’t following them for Ranger stuff, you probably should.  I am @JC1053, and if you we aren’t already Twitter friends, I’m very disappointed in you.

Oh wait, before I go…..Cowboys stuff.  We talked last night in the G-Bag Nation about how “close” the Cowboys are, and I really believe this:  They’re close.

That doesn’t mean they’re close to being the best team in the NFL, it means they’re close to being a Super Bowl contender.  Two totally different things if you can believe that.  The 10-6 Ravens weren’t the best team in the NFL this year, and they certainly weren’t a hot team going into the playoffs, they lost 4 games out of 5 in the month of December.  The Giants last year, the Packers two years ago, they weren’t the best teams in the NFL for the length of the season.  It’s impossible to look at the NFL playoffs once they start and try and use logic to pick the winner, more than ever the NFL really is “get in the tournament and see what happens.”  The Cowboys are a LONG way off from being a better team on paper than the 49ers or the Broncos, but they’re a Dez finger or Dan Bailey kick away from being a team that could get in the tournament.

These days that’s all you need.

End Glorious Tidbit Episode 2.5.13

Wait!  I almost forgot.  Go Stars.


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