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The worst part about being a sports fan…..players leave.

Today’s topic of discussion is Ranger man Elvis Andrus.  Right now he has two years left on his contract, and he has an agent named Scott Boras that is VERY good at getting his players lots of money.  He’s also very good at having his players leave their current team to get lots of money.

Bottom line is this:  The Rangers have a decision to make on Elvis.  The quotes I’ve heard in the last week or so from Elvis and GM Jon Daniels leave me thinking neither party is very confident that the next contract Elvis signs is going to be with the Rangers.  So, what do we do with Elvis?

I’m open to suggestions, but here’s my opinion:  Let this thing play out until the end of July this season.  If the Rangers are in the thick of the AL West race, hold onto him, diminished trade value be damned, because this fan base deserves to see if our team can win a World Series.  Throughout the first two months of the season the team will get back Neftali Feliz, Soria and Colby Lewis.  If they’re in the fight, let them make the run.

It’s the hard part about being a fan.   How do you balance what’s best for the team you love against the win now mentality?  I consider myself to be a reasonably smart fan that can see the big picture, so let’s examine the other side.

The Rangers don’t play well to start the season.  The search for a 5th starter is a failure, the bullpen isn’t any good, Nelly Cruz is suspended for 50 games and his replacement isn’t as good as advertised (Martin, Olt, Profar).  The Rangers are 8 games or more behind the Angels and/or A’s as the trade deadline approaches.

In that scenario, you look around MLB, and you find a team that IS in the playoff race, one that values Elvis as a piece that can solidify THEIR run to the World Series.  You get top dollar in return for one of the best shortstops in the league, and you usher in the Jurickson Profar era of Ranger baseball.  If you aren’t in the race and you keep Elvis, what you’re going to get in return for him drops drastically when the time does come to move him.  The difference between a year and a half of a team that’s in contention and wants him NOW and moving him in the offseason next year or at next years deadline as a rent-a-player is huge in terms of what teams will give you in return.  Remember it was the Tex trade that got us Elvis in the first place.

Or maybe the baseball gods will love the Rangers, and Elvis will announce he’s signed a 7 year contract with the Rangers tomorrow.

What’s your take?  Let me know @JC1053 as we’ll discuss in the G-Bag Nation this evening between 7-midnight.

End Glorious Tidbit 2.8.13

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