FEBRUARY 11, 2010

It was just three years ago when what we experieinced, boggles the mind.  Over a foot of snow across a large area of the metroplex.

Here is a map showing snow totals from February 11 into February 12.


(COURTESY: National Weather Service)

This snow set all types of snow records for DFW.

  • Greatest All-Time calendar day snowfall

11.2″ for Feb 11, 2010

  • Record daily maximum snowfall for Feb 11th

Shatters the 1.4″ in 1988

  • Greatest All-Time 24-Hour snowfall total

New record: 12.5″ Old: 12.1″ in 1964

  • Record 24-Hour snowfall in February

Old record: 7.5″ Feb 17, 1978

I definitely remember this snowstorm.  The forecast models were coming in all over the place with the amount of snow possible.  I looked at one model right before the 10pm newscast on Feb. 10th, the night befor,e and saw it was showing a foot of snow.  It took me back  for a few moments, and I had to seriously think hard about whether to go with it.  It was just so outrageous to see this type of snow forecast for us here in North Texas.  There had only been one other time in the record books of the Dallas/Fort Worth area seeing 12″ of snow.  That was Jan. 15-16, 1964 when we had 12.1″ in Fort Worth.

If I remember correctly, I think I was saying 4″ to 8″ of snow possible.  I had a feeling to go with more, but toed a more conservative line.  I remember the next day saying to Karen and Doug that if I would have went on the 10pm news the night before and said we were going to get a foot of snow, they wouldn’t have believed it.