DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Not everyone love’s Valentine’s Day. It can be a reminder of heartbreak. See all the cards, candy and flowers everywhere is hard if you’re single because you know you aren’t going to get anything. It’s one of those love/hate holidays and Frankie’s Sports Bar is throwing a party for the haters.

Bill Katz owner of Frankie’s Sports Bar says Hallmark ruined this holiday for all of us, “women have these expectations and you know what guys have expectations now too so we just decided to take a break from all the red, white, pink hearts and flowers.”

The traditional Valentine’s paraphernalia has been replaced with torn up stuffed animals, black balloons and flowers, and to mend your broken heart, a shredder. Katz says its therapy. “We offer a special for people who come in with love letters or emails from others, and pictures. They bring them in, they shred them, they get the contents of the shredding back, we wrap that up nice and for your trouble we actually offer you a free drink.”

They have special drinks like Bitter End, Stupid Cupid, Arrow Through My Heart and Love Stinks. To make you feel better about your break-up you’ll be surrounded by pictures of some of the biggest Hollywood break-ups.

It’s the perfect Anti-Valentine’s Day.

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