FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Sources indicate that the American Airlines board of directors will meet on Wednesday to possibly vote on a merger with US Airways, and it could be one of the final chapters in the American Airlines bankruptcy saga. The merger would have a major impact on North Texas, leading to the world’s largest airline being based in Fort Worth.

According to experts, the merger could also increase the number of flights out of DFW International Airport — physically located in the center of the nation and possibly soon to be the center of worldwide travel.

It has been more than a year since AMR filed for bankruptcy.

Negotiations for the merger have been going on for months. Several unions — including those representing flight attendants, transport workers and pilots — have all called for the merger. They would like to see the new airline run by the US Airways CEO, with the American Airlines CEO moving to a position on the board of directors. Sources said that this is all likely to happen.

If the AMR board votes to approve the merger, then the US Airways board would meet later on Wednesday for a similar vote. If a merger agreement is made, the official announcement could come as soon as Thursday.

The merged airline would continue to be called American Airlines, and would still be based out of the AMR headquarters in Fort Worth.

According to experts, airfare prices would likely increase down the road, as a result of less competition.

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