Cleveland Browns v Dallas Cowboys

NEW YORK (CBS SPORTS) – It doesn’t matter how many times the question comes up, or in what form, the answer remains the same: the Cowboys have every intention of keeping Tony Romo in Dallas. Owner and general manager Jerry Jones said it again last month, and team vice president Stephen Jones reiterated those sentiments Tuesday.

“Tony is a key piece of what we’re about going forward,” Stephen Jones told ESPN Dallas. “We’re certainly going to be looking at his situation [in] time. We’ve historically [extended contracts] with quarterbacks for the Dallas Cowboys ahead of time. We did it with Troy [Aikman] and we certainly want to look at that with Tony so we can all move forward in terms of how we want to play around our salary cap with our team. Tony is the key piece in terms of how your cap is represented.”

Critics are quick to point out that Aikman won three Super Bowls while Romo hasn’t won three playoff games in his nine-year NFL career. But we’ve written before that Romo isn’t the reason the Cowboys haven’t been to the postseason in three years.

“I don’t feel pressed,” said Jones. “I don’t think we’ve ever felt pressed with Tony. He’s been a great partner. As I said, your quarterback, even when you have a good one and we’re certainly lucky to have one of the best, is going to represent a good piece of your salary cap. How you manage that is important. He understands that and we do, too.”

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