By Jeff Ray

For the second morning in a row we had temperatures get below freezing across north Texas. A weak disturbance moved over the Red River counties this morning; there were reports of some rain and grapul (small pellets of ice) as the system quickly moved to our east.

The sunshine got temperatures up into the mid-50’s with light winds. A nice day. It gets warmer tomorrow.


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After morning lows in the upper 30’s we should have highs get into the upper 60’s tomorrow. Clouds start to enter the picture at the close of day as winds pick up from the southeast.


We are expecting a squall line to form to our west and move over north Texas during the Monday morning commute. This is an event very similar to last Thursday when a thin but potent line of storms charged across the metro area in the morning. Small hail and strong winds would be expected with this line. This is one of the forecast models showing the storms still west of the metro area at 5am.

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I don’t expect much rain with this line since it’ll be moving so fast. DO expect brief intense rain however if the line crosses over you on Monday morning. Right now we’ll describe the risk of severe weather as low.


The system driving our weather will produce a major snow storm across the panhandle of Texas and into northern Oklahoma and Kansas on Monday. The low pressure center is expected to move right over Dallas/Fort Worth. If it tracks just a little further south we could get some of that snow. Right the forecast puts a rain/snow mix in the Red River counties on Monday night

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The winds behind these storms show up in the afternoon. They’ll be out of northwest at 30-35 mph with gusts around 50 mph. Expect some dust from the panhandle with this wind storm. The winds will peak just at close of day into early evening. It is likely that the National Weather Service will issue a Wind Advisory for Monday afternoon. Please, if you work outside or drive a high-profile vehicle be aware of this situation. A 50 mph wind gust can do damage to trees and move vans and trucks out of their lanes.

Below you can see the evening weather we expect across north Texas. Not much in rain, plenty in wind and a little bit of a winter mix across our northern tier counties:

NTX Rain Chances2

The winds diminish by Tuesday mid-morning. Wind chills will be in the teen’s on Tuesday morning however so make sure to bundle every one up.

After all this weather drama it stays a little chilly across north Texas but it stays dry.