By Brian New

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Dallas Zoo said Monday it plans to revamp or replace its iconic monorail ride after a mechanical failure left passengers stranded – the second time that’s happened in less than two years.

The latest failure on Saturday occurred when an electrical short left nearly a hundred passengers stranded.

Firefighters rescued the passengers by leading each one down a ladder from the elevated train cars.

“It was more of a mild adventure than anything else,” said passenger Rob Landolt of Irving.

The previous monorail problem took place in September 2011 when a  circuit breaker on one of trains blew causing it to stop.

On Saturday, the monorail’s emergency brake system was activated when an electrical short occurred.  Zoo officials said while they test and check the trains every day, these types of mechanical failures can happen especially on a system that’s 23-years-old.

“Like anyone’s vehicle at home as it gets older and older and you get more mileage, you start taking it in for a few more things than you did on that new car. It’s certainly a reality,” said Sean Greene with the Dallas Zoo.

Greene said the zoo has been looking into upgrade options for the past two years.

All three trains will be tested again on Tuesday and zoo officials say the monorail ride will be open to the public again by Wednesday.

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