By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry

March is a month where we start to get into Spring storm season here in North Texas.  But it also a month where winter can make a comeback.

Here are the average high and low temperatures at the start of the month on March 1 and then end of the month on March 31.  We have reached 100 degrees in the month of March.  It happened on March 9, 1911 and on March 21, 1916.  The coldest temperature ever recorded in March was 10 degrees on March 10, 1943.


March is also on average our windiest month of the year.  The average wind speed for the month is 12.2 mph.  It is also the 4th wettest month of the year with and average rainfall of 3.49″.  There is also an average snowfall of .2″.  We have seen snow in the month of March 2 of the past 5 years.  Those years were 2008 and 2010.



Temperatures look to be around average for the month for North Texas.  Here is a look at the climate outlook for the month of March around the US.  Note the blue area which is where below average temperatures are projected.



Our lack of rain the past few weeks, looks like it will continue for the month.  Most of Texas is expected to see below average precipitation.  The area in orange is where there is projected to be below average precipitation.


Some other modeling I have been looking at suggest we might see temperatures slightly below average for the month of March.  We shall see, but enjoy the march thru March!