(credit: Dallas County Jail)

(credit: Dallas County Jail)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A man was arrested and put in jail for allegedly biting a teenage girl on the buttocks in downtown Dallas.

According to Dallas police, officers were in the 200 block of South Lamar when they heard a female scream and a male laughing. When they looked toward the sounds they saw a man laughing and running through traffic toward the Greyhound Bus Station.

A girl was standing with her parents and everyone had looks of shock on their faces. The girl, who police later learned was 16-years-old, appeared to be crying. When officer asked what happened, the girl said a man had ‘bit her on the butt.’

Searching for the man they had seen running through traffic, police found and arrested David Paul Olienyk.

Witnesses told police they had seen Olienyk following the girl and saw him bend down and put his face to the girl’s backside. The teenager told police that when the man bit her it felt like a sharp pinch and that she was very frightened.

While the girl said the bite was painful, it did not break her skin.

Olienyk, 38, was charged with Class C misdemeanor assault. He was released after posting $15.00 bail.

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