FRISCO (CBS 11 NEWS) – For Henry and Jackie Signo of Frisco, the road trip to the Baylor campus should have been excruciating.

Their son, Kevin, a freshman at Baylor, was killed in a freak accident over the weekend.

The Signos were making what they thought was a quick trip to pack up his dorm room.  But, instead of overwhelming sadness, the couple found support, friends who shared touching memories of their son, and ultimately comfort in the compassion of others.

“We had lunch with his friends and it was those memories, that connection,” says Henry, with Jackie adding, “He will be missed by everyone.”

Family members say Kevin was quiet and focused in high school– but, seemed to find his stride in college.  The word his Dad used was “blossomed”, stressing that Kevin became a “Baylor Bear.”

His parents say he clicked with his roommates and got busy getting immersed into college life– joining a number of clubs, including the Filipino Students Association.

According to a university spokesperson, Kevin was rehearsing with the group on Saturday night, when during a break in the practice, he attempted a flip and was fatally injured.

Henry Signo says he spoke with friends about the freak accident who told him that “he’s been doing it, and he’s landed it many, many, many times.”

A pre-biology major, Kevin dreamed of becoming a doctor.  But, family members say, he will still get the chance to save lives, many of them, through organ donation.

“He actually also prepared a document… that specifically listed out parts of the body that he wanted to donate,” says the Signos.  The document stipulated that he wanted his eyes, skins, even his arteries donated to help others.  ”

Saving the life of a mother so that she could see her child… And continue to spread that love…. that is very comforting, and just so proud of him, that he had the foresight to do that, again, that caring.”

A visitation is planned for Signo Friday from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM, at Turrentine, Jackson & Morrow Funeral Home at 2525 North Central Texas Expressway in Allen.

The funeral service will be held there at 10 AM Saturday.

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