FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – The Army has ordered nearly 50 reforms for diagnosing and treating soldiers with post-traumatic stress and other behavioral health issues.

The detailed report however, did not find any widespread evidence that the Army was reversing the mental health diagnosis of some soldiers in order not to be burdened with caring for them.

Inconsistent descriptions of symptoms, a lack of training guideline for staff and data systems that don’t work together are all blamed for holding the service back, the report found.

Congresswoman Kay Granger from Fort Worth was one of those who pushed the Army for a service-wide review, after soldiers in Washington complained they were misdiagnosed to reduce benefits.

Granger’s office has received more than 30 requests for help from soldiers, some of whom had diagnosis changed before being separated from the Army.

“While I am pleased that the task force was formed and produced a report with recommended changes, I am concerned that the cases I continue to see in my Congressional district are not unique to one base or one region,” Granger said in a statement. “This is a problem across the country. “

The Army reviewed more than 140,000 records for the report and interviewed 750 people. Some of the changes have already been made and others will continue throughout the year.

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