by CBS11 Meteorologist Jeff JamisonBy Jeff Jamison

The National Weather Service on Monday said that this week’s conditions could be named “Goldilocks Weather” because it’s just right.  Enjoy a comfortable night ahead.  Be sure to check out the Comet Pan-STARRS over the next few evenings.  Just look in the western sky about 30 minutes after sunset (around 8 to 8:15pm our time) to see the light streaks.  Tonight’s action will be near the crescent moon.  Enjoy the comet show each evening thru the beginning of next week.



The rest of the week will feature warming temperatures into the 80s!  Spring fever! There is a slight chance of showers by the start of next week.



The bad news of having a dry Spring Break is that we miss out on another opportunity for beneficial rainfall to help North Texas climb out of drought.  76% of the state is in drought.

tx dm A Spring Break to Remember


Unfortunately without a strong signal that El Nino is forming, the overall weather pattern is forecast to remain drier than normal.  This means that Texas will remain in drought and it could get worse as we approach summer.