Spring Is Back

Let me start with this gorgeous picture Evelyn Sackett Johnson posted on FaceBook.  A familiar scene for most of North Texas on this second full week of March and only 7 days to the Vernal Equinox…the official start to Spring.  With temperatures running below average for the past several days, today we hover near average and trend well above for the remainder of the extended forecast.  Here’s today’s forecast:NTX Garry Today Forecast



With mostly clear skies expected this evening, be sure to check out Comet PanSTARRS in the western sky after sunset.  It will be visible along with the waxing crescent moon.  The comet will be visible through next Monday.  Noteworthy of course is the comet’s tail which always faces away from the Sun thanks to the solar wind shredding material off the comet.  This means as Comet PanSTARRS travels away from the Sun, its tail will lead the way or it follows its tail versus the tail following the comet.  This happens with all comets.  Below is a great picture taken by CBS 11 viewer Tom King from Watauga along with a viewing guide Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry put together.

Comet PanSTARRSLarryComet

Back on our forecast:  temperatures will trend 10-15 degrees above normal starting Thursday through Sunday.  Our pattern shift comes in late Sunday into Monday with a weak front trying to come into North Texas, but possibly stalling to our north with a second (and colder) front coming in Monday.  Here’s how one of our longer term computer models (the Global Forecast System) depicts the weather Sunday into Monday with Sunday’s front stalling on top of us but dry.  Then Monday’s front coming in dry too with rain chances to our southeast.

FutureCast GFS1FutureCast GFS2 FutureCast GFS3