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Here we are, Monday after St. Paddy’s day, and if you are reading this… You survived my friend!

During the course of the weekend, you undoubtedly had your share of libations, but there where some good eats along the way! Here are the food chronicles of my weekend:


Every Friday you can join Roy White and I at The Men’s Club for Crawfish Fridays by the Pool! So my afternoon snacking was done right! All You Can Eat Crawfish! And fellas, or ladies, this is one legit mud-bug boil, and it’s done every Friday!

To close my Friday evening I headed to a new joint to North Texas, Quakers Steak and Lube! If you Love cold Brews, High Octane beverages, tasty grub, motor sports, and huge televisions everywhere… This is your spot!


QSL’s O-Rings!

I started off with a “Lube-Island ice tea” (as strong as race fuel) and a “Short wave O-Ring stack”.  These O- rings make you say O-Myyyy! They are easily an inch and half thick, wonderfully crunchy, and easy to bite through! The entire onion doesn’t slide out of these bad boys, allowing you to savor every bite! And to dip them, you are supplied with copious amounts of their “Louisiana Lickers” sauce or any other sauce of your choosing. They have quite a lip smacking list of wing sauces to choose from, any of which will make your tongue beat your brains out trying to get to it!

The ‘O-rings’ were so killer, like Michael Jackson,  I just couldn’t stop until I got enough!

So, I indulged myself with the “BBQ O-Ring Cheesesteak”. Think Philly on steroids, with giant onion rings throughout the meat and cheese, sweet and tangy bbq sauce dripping all over it! I looked like a Lion after a fresh kill with all that saucy goodness all over my face! Good thing they supplied me with HOT towels to wipe down after!  QS&L just delivered a philly Texans can love!

Another great thing about this spot, The motorcycles hanging down from the ceiling, are available for purchase!


We of course consumed huge amounts of St. Paddy’s day fun! We had a Rockin’ good time, but If you missed us in the parade, Click Here to see the parade photo gallery!

After the parade was done I was in need for some drunk eats, but fast food just wasn’t going to do. I needed a spot to lick my wounds and gather my senses. Like a beacon from the man above, a Fuzzy’s Taco sign appeared in the nick of time!

fuzzy taco chips

Chips & Queso at Fuzzy’s Taco

First things first, chips and queso. Something about the healing powers of crisp tortilla chips and creamy, peppery,  homemade queso that just cures what Ales ya! (see what I did there?) I also have to get a chorizo, potato, egg, and cheese burrito. That’s my “go to” on the Fuzzy”s menu. Everything is great there, but their home style Mexican breakfast just reminds me of what I grew up eating. So comfortable, I should be wrapped in my baby quilt! If you haven’t tried breakfast at Fuzzy’s yet, you are missing out!! With several convenient locations popping up around town, when I need a hangover cure, this is my spot!

While My weekend fare wasn’t necessarily Irish themed, it all went well with green beer!

Remember, Life is Delicious! Eat it!

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