By J.D. Miles

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – The City of Dallas is putting together a new game plan to attack mosquitoes this year after hundreds of people across North Texas contracted West Nile Virus last year.

Part of the plan includes training at an old armory building, where city employees learn how to handle mosquito traps.

Last year, only four people were trained to handle the traps.  This year, Elesa Williams, who works in the Dallas Code Enforcement department, is one of dozens preparing for that job.

“It’s not something I signed up for,” said Williams, who typically spends her day inspecting bars and restaurants.

The training is critical, according to City Environment Specialist Michael Sanders. “Last year maybe caught us off guard,” says Sanders. “I think this is going to have a huge impact.”

During the training, city employees are taught to protect themselves from the risk of being exposed to disease carrying mosquitoes.

The training class was videotaped by the city for as many as 100 more code enforcement officers to watch as the city prepares for this year’s war against West Nile.

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