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The NCAA Tournament provides me, and many, many, many spectators out there a jam-packed weekend of entertainment.

Now my co-host Kevin Hageland would typically disappear for the first two days of the tournament when we worked together at the newspaper. I never understood why I was always doing all the work until the year I had nothing else to do but sit and watch the tournament.

Since then it has been a quest to find the perfect way to watch the NCAA Tournament, and I think I finally have done it.

Here is a check list of things you must have to ensure you never have to leave your station (whether it be a recliner, couch or bean bag chair) for the first two days of  March Madness.

  • Your bracket – come on do I really have to explain this
  • A cooler full of your favorite beverages – I am partial to any Bud Light products, not because they are a sponsor of March Madness on 105.3 The Fan, but because of the smooth taste that always brings me back for more.  That being said, it’s always smart to have a bottle of strong whiskey in case your bracket has gone terribly wrong, otherwise it’s just painful to watch. I recommend old reliable like Jack, Southern Comfort and my favorite of all time, Makers Mark.
  • Pizza and chips – Listen if you are doing this thing solo for two days, it’s best to pick up about two frozen pizzas, cook one in the morning and then feast off it all day. Make sure you don’t get something with lots of chicken so salmonella won’t kick in during Colo St. and Mizzou Thursday night.
    • A healthier option, pick up two foot-long subs from Subway Thursday and Friday. This means you can eat all day long, plus now they are open earlier enough for breakfast so you can hop up and get rolling early.
    • A large bladder — if you really want to be able to not move all day, this is essential. If you don’t have a large bladder, you could pick up one of these.
    • An understanding spouse – if you are one of the lucky ones and you don’t have a spouse yet, this does not apply, you can just avoid picking up the phone when your mom calls. But if your wife/husband is not understanding you might want to rent a motel and go “away for business.”
    • A pencil – this will be helpful for when you scratch out the team that’s being blown out by 20 points in the first half, only to come roaring back in the final 10 minutes of the game. Keep an eye on this one during Creighton and Cincy.
    • Phone Charger – nothing worse than your phone dying on you. How else are gonna receive the “my bracket is f!@#$%” texts from your friends.
    • Stress ball – no reason not to get a workout in if you can’t hit the gym for two days right?
    • The Clapper – this way if somebody shows up to your door and you want them to go away you can just clap the lights off real quick.

Other necessities/luxuries: Neck roll, Pillow, Blanket, Advil, Remote, Spare universal remote for when you throw your other one across the room, Paper Toss App, helps bide the time, A radio – so you can listen to every minute of the tourney live on 105.3 The Fan

Please feel free to add to this list, I am constantly trying to figure out new inventive ways to keep couched during the Tourney.

Cory Mageors is co-host of the K&C Masterpiece on Saturdays and Sundays on 105.3 The Fan

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