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Freeze Warning Tonight, Plus How Many Freezes We Have Seen This Season

By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry
(credit: KTVT/KTXA) Larry Mowry
Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry can be seen weekdays on CBS 11 New...
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Another hard freeze is coming for most tonight.  I expect every location to drop below freezing with the exception being downtown Dallas where we may only fall to 33 degrees.

NTX Overnight Lows Manual Metro Overnight Lows

Monday morning at DFW we saw a low of 32 degrees.  That is the 26th freeze this season at DFW.  Last year we only had 14.  But it is still less than the average number of freezes which is 33.


But if you look at the number of freezes at a few other sites across North Texas, you can see the effect the urban heat island plays in our overnight lows.

NUMBER OF FREEZES THIS SEASON (add one more to this numbers after tonight)!


The heat island effect is all the concrete and buildings around Dallas Love field that retain heat at night and keep temperatures warmer than surrounding areas.  A rural area with just trees and grass will be much colder than an area surrounded by concrete, roads, and buildings which give off heat.