By Steve Pickett

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – The State Board of Education is planning a special meeting Friday morning in Dallas in response to criticism over some of the lesson materials used to teach your children.

More than 800 Texas school districts teach the state’s mandated school curriculum, under the system provider known as CSCOPE.  Grand Prairie, Irving, Argyle and 65 other Dallas area districts use CSCOPE.

The curriculum program has been labeled socialist and anti-American by some critics.  In one of the lesson plans, the Boston Tea Party is described as a terrorist attack.  That lesson plan has been eliminated, according to a CSCOPE spokesperson.

Alice Linahan’s children are taught in the Argyle School District, but she is not pleased with the materials her school district uses to teach her children.

“There are lessons in CSCOPE that I believe that are not education, but indoctrination,” says Linahan.

Buddy Echols heads the Dallas area education center affiliated with CSCOPE.  He says the curriculum has no agenda.

“The only agenda is to help students be taught the state curriculum,” explains Echols.  “It was developed at the request of school districts.”

The state school meeting will  examine ways to review and evaluate CSCOPE.

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