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UPDATE: The Rangers and Andrus have indeed come to an agreement on an 8-year, $120 million extension

The tweet that rocked the Ranger world last night…..

So that’s the beginning of the story. If that deal comes to fruition, I absolutely love it. For all that’s been made about the lack of a big time free agent signing this offseason, or the lack of a blockbuster trade this offseason, I’d be a happy happy (Duck Dynasty reference there) Ranger fan if Elvis Andrus gets locked in here long term.

It looked dicey to me through the offseason, with Scott Boras being the agent and his players being known for making it to free agency and hitting huge paydays. I thought for sure we would see Elvis traded at either this trade deadline or next and Jurickson Profar would come up to replace him at shortstop.

So assuming this deal goes down, let’s check out the other dominoes that fall because of it:

Jurickson Profar – He’s temporarily blocked in the middle infield spots, and I don’t see any reason to try and force him into an outfield spot next year or any other year. So where does that leave him? What if it makes him trade bait? You better get a heck of a player in return if you’re dealing the number one prospect in all of baseball.

Two examples of guys I’d be willing to pull the trigger on…..

David Price – Colby Lewis will be back in a month or so as the Rangers fifth starter, but he’s on a one year deal right now. David Price steps in as the ace, Yu Darvish becomes 1B, and Matt Harrison is your number three. That’s as good as it gets in the big leagues. Price is a free agent in 2016, but the window he gives you for a World Series makes it worth it if the Rays are willing to deal.

Giancarlo Stanton – Murphy and Cruz are both free agents after this season, and I don’t think Cruz will be back. Stanton is a 23 year old outfielder with a monster bat that can play a corner outfield spot and would be locked in til 2017. The Rangers didn’t replace Josh Hamilton’s pop, this guy can do that all by himself. This might be a fantasy though, there’s no signs the Marlins are willing to deal the one good player they held on to so far.

Neither of those trades is the ideal scenario to me however. The ideal scenario involves Ian Kinsler coming around to the idea that he’s going to have to move around after this season. Cruz doesn’t return, David Murphy moves to RF, Kinsler goes to left. Jurickson Profar is the second baseman.

UNLESS……Mitch Moreland continues his struggles with hitting lefties. Obviously this season is only one day old, but if he doesn’t prove pretty quickly that he’s a good every day guy at the spot, you part ways with him and Ian Kinsler becomes your first baseman.

Oh wait, what about Mike Olt? How about Mike Olt at first base, Ian Kinsler in LF, David Murphy in RF, Jurickson Profar at 2B? The possibilities are endless.

We’ll definitely be digging into all the goodies on the G-Bag Nation tonight from 7-Midnight, but either way my takeaway is this: The Rangers lost to the Astros last night and I was shocked and sad, because they’re awful and going to lose 110 games this year. Then I saw a tweet on the way home that made it all better. They might be 0-1, but if this Elvis deal gets done, it’s a much bigger Ranger win than loss.

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End Glorious Tidbit 4.1.13

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