(credit: Adrienne Bankert/KTVT/KTXA)

I don’t swim. Without floaties, heck, I can barely tread water. But I am determined to learn how to surf.

My motivation came from last week’s Get Healthy Texas which turned out to be well received. Despite my eating a stack of three pancakes, and despite me being a bit self-conscious around these muscle bound workout-aholics, I didn’t feel shy about trying a class that requires the grace of a tight rope acrobat and the balance of a paddle boarder.

It ended up being one of my most enjoyable stories.

It took away the monotony of exercise, combining upbeat music with images of salt water and sand projected on the back wall. It didn’t take away the pain, with involved ab twists and crunches reminiscent of an intense cardio class, and at one point we all looked like pelicans, or perhaps flamingoes perched atop our boards on one leg.

The one bonified surfer in the class was falling off the board, dripping with sweat, and admitted it’s just as challenging as stand-up paddle boarding at White Rock Lake. All in all, there’s not a class like it in DFW. Check it out!

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