By Jason Allen

GRAND PRAIRIE (CBSDFW.COM) – Myra Miller wasn’t worried about the televisions, the computers or even her own wedding ring. When she learned burglars scavenged through her Grand Prairie home, she only wanted to know if a small box on a dresser was gone.

“Did they take my box,” she asked her husband. He replied with a “yes.”

Image of the stolen items provided by the victim.

Image of the stolen items provided by the victim.

Inside the box were three two necklaces and a bracelet, each with small charms. Alone, they aren’t worth much. It’s what they’re made with that is valuable, and only to Miller and her family.

February 6, Miller’s daughter Stevie Michael gave birth to a baby girl, Aria Grace Helen. In a rare, and unexpected complication, Stevie’s umbilical cord had ruptured before she gave birth. Aria didn’t survive. Stevie made the decision to put her ashes into jewelry, for herself, her mother, her stepdaughter and sister.

“I wanted to make sure my baby was with me all the time like she was supposed to be,” Stevie said. “And so, she is.”

The moment she found out the jewelry had been taken, she started looking for them. She called an uncle in the pawn business.

She posted messages online. It is not a piece of jewelry she is trying to recover. It’s her daughter.

“I know they’re ashes,” she said. “I get that. But that’s my daughter. She’s my baby. This is all I have. Most people have their babies and will always have their babies. I don’t.”

Grand Prairie police have taken a report on the burglary. Michael knows the odds are long she will find it, but she believes that she will.

“I’ll get it back. I’ll get all three of them back.”

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