NEW YORK (CBS SPORTS) – The NFL is increasingly likely to move to a ‘draft’ format for the Pro Bowl, according to league sources, and held more internal meetings on the topic this week.

League officials had lengthy talks this week at the league headquarters in New York putting together more details for the Pro Bowl with things continuing to point to a format where selected players are drafted on teams, very likely on a primetime, televised selection show.

The NFLPA proposal, in which team captains and/or other parties pick players for two Pro Bowl teams once fan voting/team selection is complete, was presented to the owners two weeks ago at the league meeting and continues to generate positive momentum, sources said. There are no dissenting voices and league officials met this week to add to the skeleton they have in place for the format change, though more work must be done.

The NFL hopes to have all logistics sorted out shortly after the upcoming draft, sources said, and it may not need to come before an ownership vote, with the league and NFLPA already in unison on this for the most part. Figuring out how to maximize the interest and fan appeal, and also incentivize the event for the players, is paramount.

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