KAUFMAN COUNTY (CBS 11 NEWS) – A cache of weapons were found inside the storage facility rented by former Kaufman Justice of the Peace, Eric Williams.

Investigators raided the storage unit in Seagoville on Saturday night. Sources tell CBS 11’s J.D. Miles that 41 guns, a machete, and a bow were among the items found inside.

Also inside, a white Ford Crown Victoria vehicle, which matches the description of a vehicle that was spotted near the McLelland home on the night of the murders. Sources confirm the car contained an incendiary device, which may have been rigged to set the car on fire.

Williams has been in jail held on a three million dollar bond since early Saturday morning. He’s charged with making a terroristic threat against county employees.

Eric Williams(Credit: Kaufman County)

Eric Williams(Credit: Kaufman County)

His wife, Kim Williams, was arrested early Wednesday morning, and charged with capital murder in connection with the deaths of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland, his wife Cynthia, and his top Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse. She is being held on 10 million dollar bond.

Mugshot of Kim Lene Williams. (credit: Kaufman Co. Sheriff’s Office)

Mugshot of Kim Lene Williams. (credit: Kaufman Co. Sheriff’s Office)

Authorities say Kim Williams confessed..and “…described in detail her role along with that of her husband, Eric Williams whom she reported to have shot to death Mark Hasse… and Michael and Cynthia McLelland…”

CBS 11 initially reported that in 2012, both Hasse and McLelland prosecuted Eric Williams and won a conviction after Williams was seen on security cameras taking computer equipment from the county.

Court records say after the trial, both Hasse and McLelland carried handguns because they believed Eric Williams was a threat to their personal safety.

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