ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – The NFL draft is supposed to be a time of optimism as teams build for the future.  Through the first round of the 2013 draft for the Dallas Cowboys, it’s a time of controversy.

The Cowboys decided to drop back 13 spots in the draft in exchange for an extra pick.  Then, the team selected Travis Frederick, an offensive lineman from Wisconsin, with the 31st overall pick, even though he was predicted to go far later.  It’s a move that has divided Cowboys fans.

Ethan Marburger “It would have been nice to get someone in a skill position,” said Cowboys fan Ethan Marburger. “But you got to have someone to protect Romo.  It’s not a sexy pick but it’ll work.”

Other fans don’t think it was such a good idea.

“He was rated as more of a third round guy on everybody’s board in the rankings,” said Herbie Thorpe.  “And y’all picked him in the first round because you have a need.  But you got to pick the best guy on the board, not just who you have a need for.”

“Most people had that Center Frederick ranked as a third round prospect,” said fan Derek Howell.  “I think it was a huge reach taking him late in the first round. “

Because the Cowboys traded the 18th overall pick for the 31st, the team will get additional picks in the later rounds.  As it stands now, Cowboys will get seven players out of this draft rather than six.  Some fans see that as an opportunity.

“It’s a deep draft and there weren’t any big time prospects in the top 10.  So if you can move down and get more picks later on in the draft, that’ll help,” said fan Marburger.

Varatip Johnson says she will stay optimistic.  “I don’t really question because Jerry knows what he’s doing.  We traded down but we got an additional pick, right? So, I’m looking forward to seeing who else we pick.”

The Cowboys get their second chance at a pick when the draft continues Friday night.

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