PANTEGO (CBSDFW.COM) – Nina Cherry still has a cast on her foot, still needs a walker, and one can still hear the fear in her voice when she talks about it.

But a year after being run over by a carjacker, she says “it’s a miracle” she even alive.

”I’ve improved a lot throughout the year,” said Cherry.

A year ago this month, Cherry was waiting the parking lot of Pantego Christian Academy to pick her son up from football practice.

She recalled reading a book in her mini-van when a man came to her door.

“I knew instantly something was very wrong,” she said. “He must have pulled me out and hit my head because I don’t remember anything after that at all – thank God.”

Investigators said Cherry’s clothes were caught in the door when the carjacker drove off.  She was dragged several feet and then run over.

For the next two weeks doctors told her husband, Mike, she might not make it.

“It was the hardest day of my life not knowing,” he said.

After five skin grafts and 19 operations, in January Cherry left the hospital went home for the first time in nearly nine months.

Benjamin Rowell faces an aggravated robbery charge and a charge of fleeing from police.  He has a court hearing scheduled for June 3rd.

In an interview with CBS 11, Cherry did not want to talk about her attacker, she said she rather talk about all the people in the past year who have helped her.

“This is a miracle,” said Mike Cherry, “That’s what this is.”

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