A health professional attends a mother breastfeeding her baby. (credit: Joel Nito/AFP/Getty Images)

A health professional attends a mother breastfeeding her baby. (credit: Joel Nito/AFP/Getty Images)

Dallas (CBSDFW.COM) – The perfect Mother’s Day gift at the Dallas County District Attorney’s office meets a basic need: a lactation room for nursing moms. The newly built room gives prosecutors and support staff a private area to pump breast milk for their infant children. It officially opens Monday.

For the first time in Dallas DA history, mothers can go to a designated room on the eleventh floor and sit comfortably in a specially equipped lactation room. The room contains a place for the mother to sit, a flat surface on which to place the pump, and access to electricity for the pump. There is also a sink installed for washing hands and a refrigerator for storing the expressed milk.

“I have a large number of women working at the DA’s office and I think it is prudent to accommodate such a basic need,” according to District Attorney Craig Watkins. “Women who nurse their babies should have an adequate break time along with a special area to prepare the milk. Prosecutors used to engage in this process in their work rooms, jury rooms, or bathrooms with little privacy. I knew we could do better than that.”

The DA’s office employed 54 employees last year who took FMLA leave while on maternity. Mr. Watkins is a proponent of breastfeeding as he has three children of his own. The lactation room will hopefully help retain experienced employees and show nursing mothers that there concerns are taken seriously.

Dallas County District Attorney’s (DA) Office is located at the Frank Crowley Courts Building in Dallas, Texas, led by District Attorney Craig Watkins, who took office January 1, 2007. The District Attorney’s Office represents the State of Texas in the prosecution of all Dallas County criminal cases.

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