DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Officials with the City of Dallas will take a closer look on Monday at plans to fight West Nile Virus this year before it strikes. Just last month, the 20th person in Dallas County died after contracting the virus last year.

From coming up with an emergency response plan for an outbreak, to reaching out with social media websites and YouTube videos, the city is trying to look at what can be done differently, in order to make sure that everybody knows that this potentially deadly virus is still a threat.

Dallas County saw a spike in the number of people getting West Nile Virus last year. Nearly 200 people got sick, and 20 of them lost their lives.

The Transportation and Environment Committee will meet Monday to take a closer look at the city’s West Nile Virus response plan.

Some of the planned changes this year include:

  • Playing radio spots that listeners will start hearing in June.
  • Giving away dunk tablets to people, for treating standing water that cannot be drained.
  • Using 90 mosquito traps, three times more than the city used last season.
  • Off-season trapping already started, back in December.

There is also going to be a faster turnaround this year when it comes to lab results. The city said that results will be back in about half the amount of time as before — that is five to seven days — because the city is spending more money to use more vendors who can perform the necessary tests.

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